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We help you leverage comprehensive data analytics to make profitable decisions. Our prolific experience in providing Compliance as a Service ensures that your business can operate with a refined focus on policy development. We also provide full-fledged assistance to FAP licensing.

Uddhav Kirtikar

“Implementation of refined policies ensures that your firm is compliant with the latest regulatory requirements. It marks a prudent approach to long-term portfolio management.”

Uddhav Kirtikar was the lead policy writer for the FMAs AML/CFT team. He is a director at Veritas HQ.


Uddhav has more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement and policy development. He has had vital authoritative roles at Government entities in New Zealand and India.

History & Bio

He has been the lead policy writer for the FMA AML/ CFT team for the tranche 1 of the AML/CFT Act. He is the director of Veritas HQ and Compliance Plus. He also had crucial roles in counter terrorism and national security operations in India. He has successfully conducted inquiries at the Commerce Commission.

In his current role, he advises businesses to develop policies, procedures, and controls in plain English. His client base includes multi-national corporations and sole operator financial adviser firms. He is an expert at assisting businesses meet their diverse compliance obligations. He is also an expert in helping small businesses meet their regulatory obligations.

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Simplify compliance and reduce risks

We help you maintain compliance in a business context. Ours is a better option over conflicting silo-driven point solutions or external standalone functions.


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